100% well-being

Stress P rogram

It is a program of 3 sessions per week over 6 weeks of 10 to 25 minutes.


You will need :

- Swissball

- Foamroller

- Tennis or massage ball

- Elastic or towel

The harmful effects of stress:

- Weight gain

- Fat storage in the belly

- Decreased immune defenses

- General fatigue

- Decreased motivation

In this program:

- About twenty videos of the sessions

- One audio session per week (6 audio sessions) to be performed at work, in transport ...

Choose the 100% wellness program:

You want to take time for yourself, get rid of your stress in order to feel better, to be more efficient in your daily life, at work or at sport. You are a man or a woman and whatever your age, this program can help you.


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From the 100% Well-being program

Stress is the evil of this century. Exacerbated by the current health situation, it reduces our immune system, makes us irritable but above all acts against our motivation preventing us from achieving our goals. However, through simple and daily exercises, it is quite possible to get rid of your stress and its effects. This program works in this direction.

Lauriane Lamperim

Physiotherapist since 2017, I am looking for  perpetual technique allowing to improve my condition of life.

Ex international gymnast, I learned through experience the importance of the relationship between my body and my mind as well as the interest in taking care of it.


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