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Mobility and stretching program

Improving or maintaining their joint mobility and the elasticity of their muscles means delaying the effects of aging on their body.
To feel younger and less "limited" in your movements or simply to improve your sporting gestures.

What does this program contain?

It combines two methods:

- Mobility

- Stretching


An evolving program over 9 weeks .

It consists of 3 different sessions per week.

These sessions are in the form of videos (about thirty) available directly on this site via a member's area.


A program of 10 stretching sessions for all parts of the body:

- 3 express sessions (10 minutes)

- 3 intermediate sessions (15 minutes)

- 3 full sessions (30 minutes)

- 1 full body session (40 minutes)

These sessions are in the form of:

- PDF to download (around thirty pages) with more than a hundred explanatory photos

- Videos (10 sessions) available directly on this site via a member's area.

Program not requiring any specific material other than:

- Carpets

- Chair

What is the objective of this program?


This program makes it possible to regain or maintain their joint mobility.

For athletes: Improved athletic gesture.

For everyday life: Reduces compensation phenomena.


This program stretches all the muscles in your body.

For athletes: Improved athletic gesture, helps recovery and prevents injuries.

For daily life: Prevents aging of the body and reduces compensation phenomena

This program is totally mixed and has no age limit.

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