Flexibility program

The big gap within everyone's reach.
If you want to become flexible or maintain your flexibility during a time out.
Then this program is for you!

What does this program contain?

A complete and evolving program over 10 weeks .

It includes 4 different sessions per week.

These sessions are in the form of:

- PDF to download (more than 80 pages) with more than a hundred explanatory photos

- Videos (40 sessions) available directly on this site via a member area.

Program not requiring any specific material other than:

- Carpets

- Broom handle

- Towel

What is the objective of this program?

This program improves your flexibility in ten weeks.

- Large deviations

- Back

- Shoulders

With these exercises, you are going to relax in the right way.

This program is totally mixed and has no age limit.