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Tired of unsuitable programs?

How was this program built?

Qualified physiotherapist and former high-level athlete, I set up, following my accident in 2013, a work routine to strengthen the abdominal strap.

I had not found in the classical methods a few things sufficient   effective to allow me to resume my sport despite my operation   in the back.

I devoted my last year of Kinesitheraphie to the study of the different methods of reinforcement.

The result of this study led me to understand that none of the classical methods were opposable but on the contrary, they were complementary.

Each having a very specific role.

I have been applying this method on myself for several years and I have never had any back pain despite the constraints of my sports activities.

This program is progressive over 10 weeks and combines three methods (classic abdominals, regaining , hypopressive abdominal gymnastics or GAH).

It consists of 2 to 3 sessions per week in which you will find these 3 methods.

It is obviously mixed.

What does this program allow?

  • A flat stomach : The work of the GAH maintains the viscera and prevents them from going forward (suitable for the person with diastasis).

  • Improved balance by strengthening deep muscles.

  • Prevention of injuries, back and lower limbs, by better control of stability and transfer of force between the upper and lower body.

  • Toning of the pelvic floor and abdominal strap (suitable for pregnant women and postpartum after perineal rehabilitation).

  • Reduction of back pain (cervical pain, low back pain, herniated disc, arthrodesis, scoliosis ...)

  • Reduced stress and anxiety through breathing exercises

  • Intestinal well-being (acts on bloating)

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Improvement of the efficiency of the sporting gesture by a better synergy between the stability and the transfer of force of the upper and lower body.

What does this program contain?

An evolving 10-week program depending on your level, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

30 explanatory videos of each session to make the movements in an optimal way.

50 PDFs of each program to have it always ready for you.

The necessary material for this program:

- 1 to 2 proprioception patties (spiked base)

- 1 swissball

English version in PDF and subtitle for the videos.

Lauriane Lamperim

Kinésithérapeute et ancienne sportive de haut niveau, j'ai toujours pris soin de mon corps. 

Quelques kilos en trop, une perte d'endurance, un corps dans lequel je ne me sens pas bien n'est pas acceptable pour moi !

Je m'en occupe donc en permanence : abdominaux, cardio, renforcement, mobilité, étirements... 

Je vous partage donc des programmes que je teste sur moi et qui fonctionne !

Prépare-toi, tu vas découvrir mon programme exclusivement fait de vidéos à suivre en direct, en même temps que moi ! 

Je vais te guider, te motiver et t’accompagner à vaincre tes complexes et gagner confiance en toi.



- Un programme évolutif et progressif sur 3 mois à faire à la maison

- Une structure clef en main pour te permettre de te lancer sans réfléchir ! Je te dis tout : nombre de répétition, temps de repos…

- 3 séances par semaine, sous format de vidéos à faire avec moi et quand tu veux !

- Une méthode qui fonctionne !

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